History and Archeology tells us that Native American Indians are the earliest known pipe smokers and that the indigenous people in all of the Americas revered tobacco and celebrated it's mystical properties. The earliest encounters by Europeans reveal that cigars where the method of choice in Caribbean, Central and South America, while the pipe was favored in North America. We also know that a warriors pipe was among his most prized possessions and often accompanied him to the grave.

Tobacco use and pipe smoking by the tribes of the mid-Atlantic region was not only ceremonial, it was an everyday occurrence as well. Through heritage, celebration and oral tradition surviving thousands of years; their knowledge of pipes, pipe smoking and cultivation of tobacco were passed on to each successive generation. While the free sharing of this information and practice with the early colonists ultimately led to their demise; the new world trade economy could not have survived and prospered without it.

In modern times, the true and rightful brethren of the Conclave of Richmond Pipe Smokers also reverie in the celebration of pipes and tobaccos. A primary focus of our organization is to educate interested adults and the general public about the heritage and history of pipes, tobacco, pipe smoking and the related art, literature and associated tobacciana which has greatly influenced the social and commercial development of central Virginia throughout history. Like our native brethren, our goal is that through education and communication: "The Ancient and Honourable Art and Sport of Pipe Smoking Lives!"

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